Delivery bed main aim is brings expectant mothers maximum safety and comfort. These beds are a reliable and practical tool which improves the quality and facilitates the care of the woman in labour at all stages of birth. In that way expectant mothers feel relax and staff of hospital make their work easily.

There are some specification must be in the beds as follow;

High Adjustment: It must be suitable for labour exercises. Also it must be fit with perfect position during perineal repair.

Retractable Foot Section: For this specification, bed can be suitable with bowl stand. When retracting the foot section, the doctor or nurse has easy access to the mother in labour.

Leg Rests: Leg rest adjustment enables the care team to respond very quickly and effectively to different situations which may occur during the delivery.

Independent Seat Tilting: This spec is creating space needed for perineal access fits closely to the bowl stand minimizing transfer gaps