Project Description

PDA 2000

  • 4 Motors
  • Electrically Operated Backrest, Height Adjustments
  • Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg Positions
  • Fowler and Vascular Positions
  • Hand Control Unit
  • Height Adjustable Stainless Steel I.V. Pole
  • Retracting Backrest for Advanced Comfort, Less Pressure
  • Gradually Adjustable Footrest Position
  • HPL Mattress Platform, Easy Clean and Hygienic
  • Fold-Away PP Hygienic 4pcs Side Rails
  • Detachable ABS Head and Foot Boards
  • ABS Covered Sub-Frame
  • Protective Bumpers at Corners
  • Comprehensive Range of Accessories Sockets at Corners
  • Cardiac Chair Position with Single Button
  • Shock Position with Single Button
  • Semi-Fowler Position with Single Button
  • Bed Exit Position with Single Button
  • Examination Position with Single Button
  • Activation Key at Remote Control to Prevent Undesired Positions
  • Electrostatic Powder Coated Steel Main Frame
  • Foot-End Nurse Control Panel
  • X-Ray Cassette Holder at Back
  • Dual-Sided Manual CPR at Backrest (Optional)
  • Battery Back-Up (Optional)
  • Central Lockable Castors (Optional)

Overall Length: 192 cm
Overall Width: 97 cm
Height Range: 44-82 cm
Trendelenburg: 0°-16°
Reverse Trendelenburg: 0°-16°
Backrest Angle (Max.): 70°
Legrest Angle (Max.): 30°
Castor Diameter: 12,5 cm
Safe Working Load: 180 kg
Power In: 1.5A max. At 230V AC 50-60 Hz
Electrical Shock Protection: Class I, Type B
Liquid Ingress Protection: IPX6
Batteries: 2x 12V Series Connected, Sealed, Rechargeable, Lead / Acid Gel, 1.2 amp hrs