Project Description

FOAM 101



Foam 101 Foam Mattress consists of foam with a density of 28 kg/m3 foam and cuttings over the full width of the mattress. Special CNC cutting reducing contact points so distribute and reduce pressure on human body. Air passages, provide air circulation and prevent heat accumulation.

  • Accords to all bedsteads through a special CNC cutting,
  • Air passages reduce perspiration,
  • Comfort is provided to the user by the regional design,
  • One-piece design creates an acute alternative to mattress with classical parts,
  • Provides with anti-bacterial, water proof, and breathable cover.


Foam 101 Foam Mattress is produced in accordance with hospital ward rooms, emergency room and being adjustable to all bedsteads. It is provided with the anti-bacterial cover. This cover has complementary features with the mattress.

  • An important feature in a mattress to prevent the patient against decubitus ulcer is having air passages and by the help of these passages, reducing perspiration. At this point cover assists mattress with being breathable.
  • Second point is for the cover being impermeable fluids but as mentioned before allow air to pass. So cover does not obstruct air passages situation.

Product Overview

Foam 101 Foam Mattress is available for using on both sides. This mattress is produced in one layer and both sides have the same CNC cutting. The special CNC cutting also provides to minimize pressure to contact directly on patient body.

Its design helps the patient to move on easily.

Optimum thickness is 12cm for hospital examination rooms and size is 190×90 But other size can made on request.

It is also autoclavable when required to sterilize.

Standard Size: 190x90x12 cm
Material: Gray PU Foam
Density: 28 ± 2 kg/m3
Cleaning: Autoclavable
Area of Usage: Hospital Ward Rooms, Emergency Rooms
Mattress Weight: 6 kg
Warranty: 2 Years

  • Long Service Life
  • Flame Resistant
  • Durable
  • Urine and Blood Resistance
  • Scratch-Proof
  • Dirt Resistant
  • Antibacterial & Antifugal
  • Water Vapour Resistant
  • Resitant to Conventional Desinfectants
Fabric100% Polyester85 g/m2
Coating100% PU115 g/m2
Total200 g/m2 (± 10 g/m2)
Tensile StrengthNormEN ISO 1421
 Warp> 20 daN / 5 cm
 Weft> 10 daN / 5 cm
ElongationNormEN ISO 1421
 Warp> 55%
 Weft> 120%
Hydrostatic HeadNormEN 20811
 > 2000 mm
Hydrolysis According Jungle TestAfter 3 Weeks: No Loss of Quality
Fire ResistantBS 7175Crib 5Centexbel
Anti FungalResistantSanitized – ASTM G 21-96

ATCC #6538 (Staphylococcus Aureus)

ATCC #4352 (Klebsiella Pheumoniae)

ATCC #6538 (Escherichia Coli)

Water Vapour PermeabilityAccording


ASTM G 96*66

800 g/m2- 24h at 32°C
Shrinkage at Washing at

95 °C

Max 5< 2.00%
Resistance to DisinfectantsDenaturated AlcoholOKISO 5077
 Fugaten SprayOK90% Alcohol + 90% Ether
 Ethanol 70% (608 g/l)
 OtherOlien 7 (g/l) 5 min. Contact
 H.A.C Reocid, Dettoll, Lyorthol
Cleaning Instruction