Project Description

CHA 203


CHA 203 designed with complete non-magnetic structure to transfer patients for MRI rooms. It will pass through detection or entry systems without setting off a warning and can be used during MRI process safely. With 68% stacking ratio; CHA 203 occupies minimal space.

  • Indented to be Used for Patient Transfers to MRI Rooms
  • Can be Used During MRI Process
  • With Its Stackable System It Saves The Space with 68%
  • Easy-to-Clean, Movable Armrests Made of Durable Plastic Material
  • Complete 304 Grade Stainless Steel Non-Magnetic Construction
  • Seat and Back Section Made Up of Strong Plastic Material in Terms of Providing Patient Comfort
  • Front Wheel System can Rotate 360 Degrees Around Itself
  • Urine Bag Hook
  • Central Locking System at Parking Position
  • Foot Pedal that Stands in Off Position During The Park Position
  • Smart Locking Mechanism (Optional)
  • Safety Belt (Optional)

Width: 69,5 cm
Depth: 104 cm
Height: 102 cm
Front Castor Diameter: 125 mm
Rear Castor Diameter: 200 mm
Seat Padding Dimension: 45,5×47 cm
Safe Working Load Capacity: 150 kg