Project Description

CARY 202


Anesthesia cart is usually uses for store tools that are necessary for aid during procedures that require administration of anesthesia. Anesthesia mean is using of drugs to be relax a patient’s mind and prevent him or her from feeling any pain during a surgical operation. In that reason anesthesia tools to be well organized and maintained so that patients receive proper anesthesia.

They provide anesthesiologists easy access to all anesthesia tools, in one simple, portable location. Anesthesiologists are able to present or take away their medical tools quickly and easily whenever they are needed. Medical personnel save time and energy by not having to seek out and gather anesthesia tools.

ConstructionAluminium Base
Body MaterialTop and Side Made by PP Antibacterial and Fire Retardant Material
Knocking MechanismManual Control, Break Knock System.

For Knocking Press and Turn Up to Holder

For Opening Turn Down to the Holder

Drawers2 pcs 70 mm, 2 pcs 160 mm and 1 pcs 250 mm, Total 5 Drawers
Separators Mat.ABS Plastic 10 or More
Drawer Dimensions1. and 2. Drawers: 445x545x70 mm

3. and 4. Drawers: 445x545x1600 mm

5. Drawers 445x545x2500 mm

Inner Dimensions

Inside Drawers    Made by PS material

1. Drawer Total 20 Separators

2. Drawer Total 18 Separators

3. Drawer Total 9 Separators

4. Drawer Total 8 Separators

5. Drawer Total 8 Separators

Top SurfaceMade by PP Material Dimensions: 590×500 mm Cover by Tick Transparent Protector
Castors2 Pcs Knockable,

2 Pcs without Knock, 125 mm

Drug CompartmentsApplied 10 Drug Compartments on the Trolley Integrated I.V. Pole 2 Line Applied. Each Line Applied with 5 Box Dimensions 600x110x150 mm
Oxygen Tube HolderMade by PP Material with Security Belt Holder 5 Liters
Waste BinMade by PE Material

500x160x370 mm

I.V. HookStainless Steel I.V. Pole 20 mm Adjustable, Double Hook
Resuscitation BoardAcrylic Material

475x595x8,5 mm Transparent

Electric CrunchNo

Width: 790 mm
Depth: 610 mm
Height: 1100 mm
Castor Diameter: 125 mm