Project Description

CARY 101


The medication trolley uses for medicine stuff in hospital. It contains all of the materials, drugs, and devices necessar. There are many shape of medication carts, but all models have 5 or 6 drawers. Not less not more.

  • Electrostatic Powder Painted Metal Frame
  • Membrane Coated Liquid Proof Platform and Pushing Bars
  • 5 Functional Drawers
  • The Top Drawer Equipped with Central Key Lock System which Locks All the Drawers Simultaneously
  • Medicine Tray
  • Height Adjustable Serum and Blood Set Hanger
  • Serum Bottle Shelves
  • Waste Bin
  • 360° Swivel, Diagonal Lockable Castors

External Dimensions: 50×93 cm
Height: 104 cm
Castor Diameter: 125 mm